Real Estate Marketing

This is a real game changer.
Here's a 5-page digital listing brochure you can send to anyone from your phone.

Designed for every screen

Desktops, laptops, tablets and phones - your eBrochure uses a responsive layout that adapts automatically to the screen size. Show off unlimited photos, play videos, present all the details & features, promote the location with a community guide and local links, and even give access to any virtual tours, floor plans or other materials you want to share.

No printing. No shipping. No running out of brochures. Best of all, I set everything up for you.

Marketing that matches your image

When you meet with clients, what car do you drive? What do you wear? How about your bag or briefcase? You know how important your appearance is to your image as a professional. You're not showing up in a rusty Corolla, wearing sweats and a ball cap, with your papers shoved in a backpack. I think your marketing materials are every bit as important to your image as your car, clothes, bag and other accessories. Maybe more so, as your marketing might be the first impression someone gets of you - before they have a chance to admire your wardrobe and manicure.

Call me at 828-484-4314 to get started.

I collect a little information from you when you place your order, and then I get to work gathering, organizing and optimizing all the details about your listing from numerous online sources. I encourage you to send me any additional information you think would be helpful. The result is a content-rich online brochure that rivals even the fanciest print brochure - and it looks perfect on every screen size.

When I'm finished creating your brochure, I will email it to you with instructions on how to save it on your phone, how to share it via email or text, and how to post it on your social media accounts. If you need more help - a someone to practice sharing with - let me know! I want you to experience and enjoy the feeling of confidence that comes from knowing you can send a brochure right from your phone.

Photos, features, maps, videos...

I arrange all your listing photos, and all the details and features. If you have a virtual tour, I include the link. Video content can be played directly on the eBrochure - no losing your audience to YouTube. I will create a location page with a map and community information. Last but not least, your listing eBrochure will include a page about you.

"Let me send you our brochure. Text or email?"

Use the share functions built into your phone to send your brochure by text or email to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can send from a tablet or a computer too. So, whether you're at a restaurant, the gym, a grocery store, or the golf course - as long as you've got your phone, you've got your brochures.

This is exactly what sets an agent apart.

I give you a content-rich online brochure that rivals even the fanciest print brochure - and it looks perfect on every screen size. The first people you'll show it to are your clients. They will see an elegant, attractive presentation that focuses on their home - without any ads for mortgage companies, movers, brokerages, etc. Let's inspire your clients to share their eBrochure with family and friends!

Prior to co-founding Premier Listing Showcase, I spent 11 years as a professional marketing coordinator in one of the most successful real estate offices on Chicago's North Shore. In 2017, I relocated to beautiful Montreat, North Carolina, with my husband Karl.