Count On Christoph: A Blue Ocean Company
Count on Christoph is a company creating a new value curve for buyers and sellers of residential real estate.  During a successful eight year career with Coldwell Banker I witnessed many factors in the residential market that should be reduced and eliminated. Moreover, there are several factors that should be raised and created to provide a higher level of value for all customers and clients.

Every residential real estate market in the country is a highly competitive bloody red ocean and those waters do not benefit customers.  My goal is divergence from “business as usual” by creating a new blue ocean of value for the client.  To learn more about the tremendous value innovation Count on Christoph provides feel free to give me a call or send me an email.
In the News: Dick Christoph Interviewed by New York Times
Far From the Poor, Real Estate Woes Nip at Lake Forest
"With apologies to the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, the real-life Chicago suburb of Lake Forest is a place where it sometimes seems that all the women drive S.U.V.'s, all the men are C.E.O.'s and all the children have above-average S.A.T.'s." Read Full Article
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Dick Christoph interviewed by The New York Times