Specializing in upscale residential developments since 1996.

Jeffrey A. Ohm founded PRG. Mr. Ohm has been a licensed real estate agent since 1987. Before 1987, Mr. Ohms' background was in the financial planning and accounting field with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. Prior to PRG, Mr. Ohm was a partner in a mid-sized residential firm located in Libertyville, Illinois and subsequently involved with a commercial real estate firm located in Gurnee, Illinois.

At Premier Realty Group we concentrate our activities in two primary areas of Lake County, Illinois real estate: marketing commercial properties and development and marketing of the finest residential developments.

Premier Realty Group has established relationships with a portfolio of clients ranging from the corporate world to many of the long-time landowners of the region. Our philosophy has always been to provide a sincere, high quality service at a reasonable fee. We understand the importance of our relationships with many of the local village boards and staff, and we understand the concerns of the sellers while remaining sensitive to the issues and concerns of the area developers.

PRG’s unique ability to understand and appreciate these two vastly different sectors of the real estate marketplace has allowed us the opportunity to offer our clients the insight and perspective that is not often found within the real estate profession.

Residential Communities Marketed by Premier Realty Group

Majestic Pines of Indian Creek
10 1/2-Acre Homesites & Homes 

The Meadows of Indian Creek
14 Maintenance Free Custom Homes 

Courts of Indian Creek
120 Maintenance Free Homes 

Ravinna of Long Grove
109 1/3-1/2 Acre Single Family Homes & Homesites 

Autumn Woods of Long Grove
24 1/2-Acre Homes & Homesites 

Countryside Meadows of Hawthorn Woods
47 1-Acre Home & Homesites 

Owl Haven Farms of Hawthorn Woods
43 1/2-Acre Homesites (Proposed)

Prairie Trails of Long Grove
62 2/3-1 Acre Home & Homesites

Long Meadow Farms
41 1-Acre Homesites & Homes

Sanctuary Club of Kildeer
62 1/3-Acre Maintenance Free Homes 

Woodleaf of Kildeer
26 1/2-3/4 Acre Homes & Homesites 

Hawthorn Trails of Hawthorn Woods
109 1/3-Acre Homes & Homesites 

Prairie Creek of Kildeer
57 1/2-Acre Homes & Homesites 

Tall Oaks of Kildeer
71 3/4-Acre Homes & Homesites 

Meadowood Estates of Kildeer
41 3/4-Acre Home & Homesites 

Evergreen Pointe of Kildeer
7 1-Acre Homes & Homesites 

The Enclave of Kildeer
8 1-Acre Homes Sites  & Homes