Talk to us about finding your perfect home.

Our knowledge is the difference between looking for and finding the perfect home to fit your individual needs and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on being Lake Forest experts and enthusiasts! We believe in this community and are passionate about its homes.

We settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction with your potential purchase and look for that “wow” reaction when you enter a home. Once you find the home you can’t wait to move into, we aggressively negotiate for you so that you feel confident that you purchased your dream home at the best price.

Finding the right home

Determine what your family truly needs in a new home. Anticipate your future needs, such as will your family be growing or will your job location be changing? Prioritize your list and decide what features are a must have and what amenities can be sacrificed. Having a vision of what you want makes it easier to communicate to us what you are looking for.

Not every home seller runs an ad in the local paper or puts a sign up in the yard. In fact, many homes actually sell before there is ever a need to advertise them. As your buyer's agent I offer you market expertise augmented by access to complete, regularly updated information about every home listed by area agents through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Find homes online

Finding the neighborhood you'll love

As a member of the Lake Forest Historical Society Board - and a lifelong resident - Lori Baker has unparalleled knowledge of the homes and neighborhoods of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff. We know every inch of our wonderful neighborhoods: Meadowood, Northmoor, Whispering Oaks, Campbells, Havenwood, West Lake Forest, Conway Farms, Onwentsia Gardens, King Muir, Villa Turicum, HO Stone, The Ponds, and all of Lake Bluff including Tangley Oaks, East Lake Bluff, West Terrace, and East Terrace.

Whether first-time, seasoned, or relocating buyer, we are committed to your search, to providing you the information you need, and to accomplishing the goal of moving you into a fabulous home you and your family will love!