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I will give you 110% to promote, sell and close your home sale and make it a pleasurable experience.
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Want the secret of selling your house for the absolute highest price the market will pay? It’s balancing finances and emotions, so you get real value and a successful transaction.

For many, selling a home entails a mixture of sadness, fear, relief, excitement and apprehension. These emotions conjure up many questions: Are we doing the right thing? Is now the right time? What about the kids and their friends? Can we really afford this? Will the house sell before we move?

I can answer all questions about selling your home -- including how much it’s worth.

Talk to me about selling your home.
I will listen to your goals, address your concerns, and help you realize the best price obtainable for your property!
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Real estate agents know how to sell homes. Successful sales balance four components: the market, price, condition of the house, and exposure.

Because agents know about market trends and the other houses in your neighborhood, they’re perfectly equipped to play up your home’s advantages and downplay disadvantages.

As your real estate agent, I:

  • Have access to people who are most likely to buy your home

  • Am trained in areas like pre-qualifying potential buyers and negotiating with them

  • Will list your property in the MLS so anyone worldwide can find your home

  • Am always "on-call"—I work on the weekends, answer the phone at all hours, and will always being polite about it

Sarah Rowland
Sarah Rowland