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Take the stress out of your next move.
Moving requires extensive planning, teamwork and understanding. The experience does not have to be traumatic. It can be rewarding and meaningful. Here are some suggestions to help you organize for a smooth move. 
Planning Pays Off
Organization is the key for a smooth move, so you'll need to plan ahead. To help get a handle on all the things you need to think about, organize and make happen, my Moving Checklist is a great place to start. If you set a timeline for your move, you'll find it easy to check off tasks week by week to ensure you don't forget anything.
View or Print: Moving Checklist
Packing Your Kitchen
Learn Mayflower's proven techniques for packing your kitchen items. Learn how to pack dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, small appliances and much more in this helpful video.
A Weighty Mistake to Avoid!
Packing books for your moving is pretty straight-forward, but if you do it wrong, it'll be a pain -- literally. Learn how to pack books from the Web's moving authority, Relocation.com, in this video.
Color Coding Your Boxes
Buy rolls of different color packing tape to keep your moving boxes more organized and make unpacking more efficient!
Make Moving Fun for your Kids
Moving doesn't have to be painful. Get some ideas on how to make moving fun for the whole family in this video.
Jackie Thom,  ABR, SFR, RENE
Jackie Thom, ABR, SFR, RENE
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