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Top 6 Buyer Turn-offs
Trulia.com staffer Tara-Nicholle Nelson writes another excellent article outlining six things that make buyers cringe - and what you as the seller can do to prevent your home from being an offender!
1. Stalker-ish sellers
2. Shabby, dirty, crowded and/or smelly houses
3. Irrational seller expectations (i.e., overpricing)
4. Feeling mislead
5. New, ugly home improvements
6. CRAZY listing photos (or no photos at all)
Click here to read the full article.
5 Real Estate and Mortgage Urban Legends
"...modern-day myths of easy-peasy seller financing, distressed sellers practically throwing their properties at buyers, and cosmetic fixers that can be had for pennies are just that - fairy tales which, if believed, can result in some not-so-happy endings."  Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Trulia.com's real estate realist, penned this excellent article about these urban legends and the truth which lies beneath.

Urban Legend #1: Got bad credit? Get seller financing.
Reality Check: Seller financing isn't as easy to get - or desirable - as they make it seem in the infomercials. Read more

Urban Legend #2: Buyers save big bucks on cosmetic fixers.
Reality Check: Sellers aren't stupid - and neither are their agents. Sellers expect to invest a little cash to stage and spruce up their biggest asset and get as much as humanly possible for it. Read more

Urban Legend #3: 100 percent financing for first-time buyers.
Reality Check: While first-time home buyers can and should seek out the assistance programs available to them, they should also tuck their pennies away and expect to have to put some of their own financial skin in the game. Read more

Urban Legend #4: Nearly free foreclosures.
Reality Check: Some of the best deals on today's market are to be had via negotiations with realistic owners of non-distressed properties who are ready, willing and able to make a deal. Read more

Urban Legend #5: Distressed owners who will sign their home over to you, gratis.
Reality Check: Why would you, a buyer, want to assume a mortgage balance vastly greater than the property is worth, even if you could? It's just not worth it. Read more

The real deal is that real estate is much more affordable than it used to be, but the barriers to entry are higher, and the days in which you could get something for nothing are over.
5 surprising secrets for first-time home buyers
Guess what? The market is the least important factor you should consider when deciding whether and when to buy a home. Here's another shocker...your family and friends can cause you to lose your dream home. In this excellent article by Tara-Nicholle Nelson (a Trulia staff writer and broker in California) you will also discover that working with a mortgage broker referred by your real estate broker or agent may save you money, that "Distressed" doesn't always equal "Discounted", and why it's critical that you attend your home inspections. Read full article...
INSIDER TIP! Use the space you live in now to decide what's missing before you shop. This video explains why you should buy what you need, so you can afford it!
Are Multi-Generational Homes a Trend?
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC recently conducted a survey to see if multi-generational homes are becoming a trend in real estate purchases. The following video gives some detail on this multi-generational study and features Coldwell Banker consumer spokesperson, Diann Patton.
Who makes more home buying decisions, men or women?
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC did a survey on the real estate differences between men and women. This video takes the survey to the streets to get live reactions from both genders.
Top 10 EASY Home Repairs
Thinking about some home repairs? Find out some of the top tips for that next home improvement project in this video:
Tip: Don't try to time the market! My favorite quote from this video is "Trying to predict the market is like trying to predict where Sasquatch lives."
Staging Secrets & Myths: Entryways
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