Renee Dickman


Buying real estate is a big decision.

The best advice is to work with a REALTOR® who will guide you through the local market conditions. Buyer agents work to negotiate the best terms and price for the buyer. Best of all, the buyer agent’s services are free to the buyer.

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with someone who is so caring, attentive to details, actually listens to me, and who is truly responsive. I very much appreciate not only your willingness but even more so your enthusiasm to show me the various properties."
--Buyer's Testimonial

As your buyer's agent I will:

• Listen to your needs, wants and desires and stay within the scope of delegated authority

• Solely represent your interests in any and all negotiations and transactions involved in the home purchase process

• Fully disclose all information about the transaction that might affect your best interest

• Actively work to assist you in achieving the best possible terms in the home purchase contract

• Keep your confidences even after the agency relationship ends

Needs Analysis
I will help define priorities by discussing your specific needs, wants and desires. I sit down with you and complete a Comprehensive Buyer Needs Analysis before I start showing you properties. That way, I’ll have a much better idea of what you’re looking for and take into account the priorities placed at the top of your list.

Making an Offer
How much is too much? How much is not enough? How do I factor in the Asking Price, Property Location, Property Condition, Market Conditions, and Contract Terms? Those are the kinds of questions I can help you answer as your trusted advisor.

We’ll prepare a written offer on the property you choose to purchase and include the terms approved by you. I will present your purchase offer directly to the seller’s agent.

Negotiation & Closing
After your closing, you will receive a brief survey from an independent research company asking you to evaluate my performance and rate your satisfaction. But that’s not the end of my relationship with you.

  • I keep in touch and all of my clients are encouraged to do the same. Like anyone, I appreciate referrals. 

  • I am always within a phone call if you should have a problem or questions regarding your experience. 

  • I have helped many clients with the purchase of commercial, vacation, and rental properties in addition to their primary home.

Finding a home also means finding the right community for your family's needs.

Get neighborhood news, photos, school rankings and test scores, business reviews and more. View statistical data based on properties that have recently sold by year, even looking as close as three and six months - so you can see the latest fluctuations and market trends.


Would you like assistance buying or selling home?

Tell me a little about what you're looking to accomplish and I will be happy to research the market on your behalf, provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions, discuss your goals, and create a plan of action for you.

Call me at 847-877-5977.

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