We don't just list homes. We sell them.
We provide the luxury of personalized service and take care of it all, from specialized market knowledge to negotiating and closing your transaction.

"Pat and Vera have helped our family buy and sell five houses. We always appreciate their experience and ability to guide us through the process each time. Highly recommended to friends and to our children."

We are committed to doing the best job possible. We do all those things - big and small - that make a difference in the way your property is sold and how professionally you are treated in the process. Once we have agreed on the correct market positioning for your home, our job is to provide the widest market ecposure to attract the greatest number of potential buyers.

The Multiple Listing Service is just the beginning.
While all licensed agents are able to put a property into listing services, we use this information to:

• Analyze market trends and anticipate market changes
• Aggressively present your property to buyers
• Analyze the value of your property and what price the market will bear
• Analyze the purchase history of properties similar to yours
• Monitor your competition in the marketplace

Our 5 Step Stress-Free Selling Process

Price your home to sell - The price you set for your home will influence how many buyers look at your home. When you price your home above its market value (less competitively), you reduce the number of prospective buyers who will want to visit your home. When you price it at or below market value, you increase the number of interested buyers. The price you set and the level of interest you create should reflect your selling goals.

Prepare your home to sell - We go above & beyond to help your property make the best first impression. We've learned from our years of experience what it takes to prepare your home for sale. We will provide guidelines on adding curb appeal outdoors, staging your home for success, and more.

Market your home - We utilize cutting-edge technology to market your home across multiple channels to ensure your home is seen by as many buyers in your market as possible. From marketing materials to the latest digital tools, we will custom design the perfect plan for you.

Negotiate an offer - We'll negotiate the best price and terms for you. Whether it's a multiple bid situation or a single offer, we break down every component into its simplest form. Attorney terms can often be confusing. That's why we simplify it and point out the most important points for you to review. We'll be here every step of the way to guide you and provide candid advice. By the end you'll feel 100% confident in the decision you're making.

Close the deal - We’ll guide you through all of the steps leading to closing. From inspection to appraisers to lenders, we’ll be by your side. We want to make the entire experience as stress free and painless as possible so that you leave with a giant smile on your face.

Let's talk about selling your home.

We are always available to answer questions, provide additional information, or meet with you to discuss your specific buying or selling goals. Please call or message us and tell is how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!